So I have this ridiculous theme with the “bytes” because it’s a pretty all-inclusive geeky idea. Everything I do and love involves digital data which, as most of us know, is measured in bytes.

My original catch phrase was gonna be something corny like “Izziebytes: noun. unit of measurement for digital nerdiness.” But I decided against it.
Who knows, it might come back one day!

Anyway, you might wonder what all the category and lables actually mean. Some are a little less obvious than others so here’s a quick rundown on what interesting malarkey you can navigate on my blog.

GameBytes: It’s the predominate category of my gaming adventures. Sub-cats include Guild Wars, WoW, events (like conventions), and reviews. And then:
GameLyfe: Which focuses a bit more on gaming lifestyle than the actual games.
WebBytes: As a designer, web-design is important. And a nerd, online culture is also key. All that stuff goes here.
TechBytes: Anything technology and gadget related.
BlogBytes: Every now and then I’ll give an update on the status of my blog. That’s usually  me begging forgiveness for a long-period of no posts, which does happen.
IzzieBytes: Hurrah! These posts will have a personal flare as I talk about my life or a more first-person account on a subject.


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