Who Is Izari, of Guild Wars madness??

Izzie: AKA Izziebot, Izzie-bot, IzzieBytes, Izari, or just Isa (confused yet?)

‘ello, world! I’m a 24-year-old all-around geek living in the greater NY metropolitan area. I currently work in the publishing industry as a graphic designer doing layouts, ads, and other fun stuff for the magazine I’m employed at. I also have experience in photography, image editing, and web design. It’s great fun and I’m extremely lucky to be working in the field I graduated from and love so much.

Izari is weird.

Picture. Izari! Woot!

As far as gaming goes, I’m predominately an MMO connoisseur (aka obsessed) with a disposition to RPGs. A fan of PvP, my favorite games are World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Starcraft and I’m 98% likely to be found on one of these games at any given moment. I also enjoy console fighting games like Soul Calibur, Super Smash Bros. and Tekken. On the off-chance I’m playing an MMOFPS, I’m the one running around screaming and shooting brick walls.

I’m known as Izari in the Guild Wars community. I write for and co-host the podcast for GuildMag, and I frequent many of Guild Wars’ forums and sites, like Guild Wars Guru, Guild Wars 2 Forums, IncGamers, and others. I’m also fairly active on Twitter, so feel free to check that out!

I love to attend conventions: I’ve been terrorizing them since I was 16 and have recently ventured into the gaming expos as well. I plan to go to as many as I can possibly afford and take tons of pictures, report on, and of course, game the weekends away!

History: I started this blog about four years ago on a terrible site called Greatest Journal and when Guild Wars was my main MMO. At first I wanted to simply document all the stupid shit I did online, but eventually I thought I’d expand my horizons. Greatest Journal imploded so I moved to Insane Journal, a relocation that was very short lived.

While there, I made a 2nd blog for Warcraft and eventually decided it was pretty stupid to have a separate blog for every game on a site that was worse than Geoshities.

I then settled with blogger/blogspot for it’s ease of use and link to my Google account. In the move I imported all 4 years of internet tomfoolery from both games and beyond into one, festering cesspit for you, the internet, to enjoy. Two years later, I would made my way over to WordPress. And so the blog is here as you see it, still mostly a record of my stupidity on the internet, but with big dreams of becoming something more.

Future: My hopes are to work for a publication, either print or digital, that centers around something I’m truly interested in. I currently work at a boating magazine which is all fine and dandy but I will never afford a boat (and the world is probably better off without me behind the helm of one!) and I have no idea what “starboard side” means. Even though I’m predominately a designer and artist, I also love writing and am taking the blog-mania as an opportunity to hone my skills and get my thoughts out there (not too bad for someone with no formal training, right? Right??)

Until then, I hope those who come across this twisted piece of the massive blogosphere can get a good chuckle, leave a comment, and come back for more.


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